IX Fusion Services

Backbone for your solutions.

IX Fusion Services

Backbone for your solutions.

INTEX not only has software solutions in stock, we also offer comprehensive IT services. From hardware delivery and implementation to hosting services all the way to consulting and planning of complete technical infrastructures in shopfitting, no wish remains unfulfilled. Recently, the implementation of modern features in store systems has also become part of our portfolio.

IX FUSION SERVICES is a separate business division within the organisation and is divided into four different units - system support, cloud services, system consulting and store systems. They all convince due to their extensive know-how, favourable conditions, fast reaction times and a wide range of services.


Harald Jörissen, IT Director, Cinque



Nowadays companies increasingly rely on holistic and flexible IT solutions - reliable and perfectly functioning IT systems are more than ever essential for a successful business.

IX FUSION SERVICES has the necessary expertise and the capacity to provide you with intensive advice on which system is the most suitable for you and with which components. Whether you want to equip your company with new servers, clients and printers or simply ensure smooth operation, we are the competent IT service provider for server and storage, network and virtualisation, hosting, client management and office communication systems

System Support at IX FUSION SERVICES is responsible for the concrete implementation of the planned IT systems. This includes the delivery and implementation of hardware of all kinds. Also the maintenance of the systems and the customer support with questions and problems are part of the scope of duties of the system support.

A growing challenge for companies is the issue of server capacities and the associated entire IT handling. The result is a continuously increasing demand for data hosting. Here, too, we offer you professional and economically attractive solutions. This is done by our Cloud Services Unit, whose servers are located in a high-performance data center in Germany, which has all conceivable security standards.

System consulting focuses on the big picture. Our experts develop concepts for how the customer's IT/telecommunications infrastructure should look, which modules are indispensable, and how servers, networks and storage solutions must be dimensioned. Planning competence is abundantly available here.

Our Shop Systems department has specialised in POS. With its innovative solutions, it considerably enhances the quality of retail experience, whether through tailor-made sound reinforcement systems or digital signage installations, which range from simple information displays to huge video walls. Video surveillance with high-resolution IP cameras is also part of the portfolio of shop systems..

In such a rapidly changing IT world, competent and motivated employees are needed to meet the great demands. And this is what IX FUSION SERVICES has to offer. Our IT specialists are reliable and experienced, not only qualified but also certified and are characterized by holistic thinking.

Our offer is aimed at the core target group of INTEX - the fashion industry - but we also like to and frequently work together with companies from a wide variety of economic sectors. This applies to all four units of IX SERVICES. You will find below the exact services that System Support, System Consulting, Cloud Services and Shop System offer you..


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IX FUSION SERVICES – the Advantages

System Support

  • Recourse to standards and established solutions
  • Favourable conditions
  • Individual availability
  • Fast response times
  • IT services and support as needed
  • Less IT knowledge required
  • Team of experienced experts

Cloud Services

  • Cost savings due to the renunciation of own server landscapes
  • No investment and no loss in value
  • No operating costs for system updates, security patches, etc.
  • Maximum reliability due to high-performance and redundant platform
  • Full flexibility through access from anywhere

System Consulting

  • Partnership-based consulting can perfectly support your own ideas and planning of IT/TK infrastructures
  • Expertise of experienced experts
  • Avoidance of errors or bad investments

Shop Systeme

  • Worldwide installation of uniform technical infrastructures
  • Modernisation of infrastructure
  • Creation of worlds of experience and sound
  • Optical integration into the overall architecture of the shop
  • Global Support
  • Fast procurement of spare parts and implementation of systems
  • Central control of technical systems
  • Establishment of high safety standards


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System Support

  • Administration of entire IT networks incl. security, updates, WAN/VPN
  • Support for client computers, printers, etc.
  • Setup, configuration and support of servers, clients and network
  • Monitoring of system messages (hardware, disk space, services, databases)
  • Delivery and installation of backend systems (servers, network components, racks, etc.)
  • Delivery of hardware (network, server, clients, tablets, peripherals, etc.)

Cloud Service

  • Hosting in the professional, German computer center
  • Provision of powerful infrastructure for ERP and satellite systems
  • Guaranteed availability of at least 99.5% per year
  • Redundancy at all levels (server, SAN, network components, Internet connection, etc.)
  • Use of branded hardware for servers and network components
  • Backup, Monitoring, Update-Service, IT Security

System Consulting

  • Conception of solutions for IT/TK infrastructures
  • Dimensioning of servers, networks, storage solutions incl. documentation
  • Implementation of redundancy and load distribution on all levels

Shop System

  • Networks:
    • Network planning and consulting (network, server, backup, security, virtualization, etc.)
    • Design and setup of networks incl. hardware (from PC to server rack)
    • Connection of subsidiaries, stores and partners via VPN
    • Market-leading partners and hardware suppliers (HPE, Microsoft, Sophos, Citrix, VMWare, etc.)
  • Audio:
    • Customized sound solutions for retail stores
    • Central sound system in server rack (multiple audio sources and zones)
    • Suitable built-in loudspeakers for all types of shop sound systems
    • Optional control of the sound system via App
    • Use of streaming/web players
    • Use of special 100V hardware (e.g. Bose)
  • Video Surveillance:
    • Planning and installation of surveillance solutions including recording
    • Control with high-resolution IP cameras for indoor and outdoor use (incl. IR night vision function)
    • Automatic central storage of the videos within the scope of the legal possibilities for monitoring, preservation of evidence, insurance (including deletion after retention period)
    • Secure external access to surveillance cameras via tablet or smartphone
  • People Counter:
    • People Counter for measuring visitor frequency
    • Visualization and evaluation: visitor frequency, turnover per visitor, number of visitors vs. number of receipts, etc.
    • Optimisation of personnel deployment, turnover and assortment
  • Digital Signage:
    • Simple advertising and information displays
    • Single displays from small to large format (85 inches)
    • Nearly seamless video walls from 2x2 matrix to any size (Full-HD or UHD)
    • Special displays in wide format or as mirrors with inserted content
    • Digital signage software for central content management (incl. remote content modification)
    • Use of special branded DS displays for 24/7 use


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