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With IX FUSION PRO, INTEX has launched the first Omnichannel ERP system for fashion companies. It is also the first fully integrated solution that combines ERP, PLM and SCM processes. In addition, a large number of additional modules can be booked under IX FUSION PLUS. The application impresses with its XXL functional scope, high user-friendliness and intelligent business logic. Well thought-out cockpits and event management systems contribute their part to the perfect solution.

Whether wholesale, vertical or online retailer, whether brand or private label provider, everyone in the fashion industry benefits from IX FUSION PRO. With the ultra-modern software, the pros are so numerous that we will take some time or lines to list them in detail. Take a moment and let the class of IX FUSION PRO convince you.

"Intex replaces the familiar with the better and enables us to work in a modern and forward-looking way."

Ronnen Engbrocks, Head of IT, Alberto


IX FUSION PRO – the Details

Consumers are changing. The markets do the same as a result. Of course, the software has to adapt to the changed starting positions. Just like IX FUSION PRO. In the development of the modern ERP application, the globalization of markets, the digitalization of processes and growing consumer demands have exerted a major influence.

IX FUSION PRO combines a multitude of processes around the topics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). For the first time, medium-sized and large companies in the fashion industry now have a fully integrated system at their disposal that maps the entire value chain, manages almost without interfaces to external systems and enables networked thinking and acting - Industry 4.0 sends its greetings.

Based on best-practice models, IX FUSION PRO supports your processes from sourcing to POS. Isolated solutions are no longer up to date. All partners of our customers, such as agencies, suppliers, institutes or forwarding agents, use a modern web architecture to access a central information system, no matter where they are in the world.

IX FUSION PRO is based on the principle of management by exceptions - you only deal with cases that are critical or overdue, which drastically reduces your effort. Well thought-out cockpits - without gearshift levers, but with buttons, icons and functions available by mouse click - first provide an overview of the overall situation. If you need to intervene, you can obtain the required information immediately and trigger the necessary actions.

IX FUSION PRO supports Omnichannel, the integrated CRM system networks sales channels such as retail, mail order and e-commerce - and all this with complete transparency. If, for example, an item in a store is not in stock in the desired color/size, the stock can be immediately requested in all connected channels - including internal billing. Conversely, it works the same way: articles that run badly are offered to other participants for takeover. Omnichannel also allows information about consumers to be combined to launch targeted marketing campaigns. And a lot more - nomen est omen.

With its future-oriented system architecture, IX FUSION PRO guarantees you a secure investment for the coming years. The multi-tier architecture is designed in such a way that the business logic is strictly separated from the presentation layer (GUI) - the former will last much longer than the GUI that is subject to fashion influences.

And last but not least: IX FUSION PRO replaces the familiar with the better and contains features that are familiar from private applications. These correspond to a modern way of working, increase the fun factor and motivate to exploit the comprehensive spectrum of the software. Because nothing is worse than a program that is boring and only reluctantly used.


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IX FUSION PRO – the Advantages

  • Omnichannel Process Support
  • Increased Availability of Goods
  • Accelerated Processes
  • Reduced Value-added Costs
  • Global Access to Data
  • Simple Evaluation of Key Figures
  • Reduction of Interfaces to External Systems
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • Motivated Employees
  • Secured Corporate Future


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IX FUSION PRO – the Functions

Global accessibility via browser and internet

Best Practice Models
Support of the entire Process Chain from Sourcing to POS

Use Cases
Uniform Business Logic enables process-oriented view of data

Only critical or overdue processes are displayed (Management by Exception)

Integrated CRM system networks sales channels

Analysis Tools
Processes are constantly optimized through KPI analysis

Multi-Tier Architectur
Business logic strictly separated from the presentation layer (GUI)


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