Ix Fusion Plus

Refine your Software.

IX Fusion Plus

Refine your Software.

IX FUSION PRO and IX FUSION LITE are excellent applications in themselves. With the right additional modules, tailored exactly to your requirements, you can turn it into state-of-the-art software. And above all to your very own, individual ERP solution.

IX FUSION PLUS contains all kinds of add-ons that can make life easier for companies in the fashion industry. We have developed most of them ourselves. Where we lack the core competence or where legal regulations and corresponding certifications play a role, we draw on the know-how of long-standing and experienced cooperation partners. Not everything is necessary or recommendable for everyone. This depends entirely on the structure and processes of your company. Of course, we will advise you in detail which of the software enhancements are particularly suitable and useful for you. But first take a look at the large add-on pool.


Mrs. Jana Hildenbrand, Marc O’Polo


Product Lifecycle Management (PDM/PLM)

One system - infinite options.

In order to make the entire collection development process as efficient as possible, it makes sense to store all data generated during product development immediately and without detours in a single system. This avoids the tedious process of permanently exchanging data between two systems. These processes, which are not very well coordinated, sometimes even culminate in shadow accounting.

The INTEX FUSION PDM/PLM system offers the possibility to transparently advance the development of the individual products via a digital storyboard - based on the specifications of the collection master plan. The storyboard serves as a cockpit for the designer. He constantly has an eye on how many models are still to be designed according to the plan. The development status of the respective option shows the designer its degree of maturity - regardless of whether it is a model, outer fabric or sales product.

Direct input and direct access to the tailor-made use case (model master data, material master data, sales product) from the storyboard ensure targeted and efficient work.

Key functions

  • Specifications of the options (products to be developed) perfectly clarified by business cards.
  • Direct input with immediate creation of master data (model, upper material, sales product) possible.
  • Assignment of any amount of image information (photos, sketches, technical drawings) on all levels - Preliminary costing
  • Collection release with immediate maturity validation, whether data meets the ERP status → prevents data scrap


  • All data in a single system
  • All essentials at a glance
  • No interfaces
  • Every authorized user has insight into raw and final data
  • Same business logic in case of application
  • Tasks are completed after due date (milestones)
  • Monitoring / Dashboard
  • Data information from the creation process to the sale from one system
  • Reduction of data errors


  • Procurement of materials (samples, coupons, ...) with status PDM via the regular procurement process of the raw material. Inventory management at this development stage in the same system.
  • Procurement of products in PDM status via the regular procurement process of the finished goods. Inventory management (initial sample, proto) in this development stage in the same system.
  • Quality assurance of initial samples n/Protos, end product via RQCS (Resonsible Quality Control System - another add-on from INTEX).


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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Keep an eye on the supply chain at all times and everywhere..

With the web-based SCM module of IX FUSION, INTEX offers an effective supply chain and vendor management system. This makes it possible to plan, control and optimise global production, supply and logistics chains via early warning, dialogue, analysis and data management instruments.

Our customers are networked worldwide with their purchasing offices, agencies, suppliers, forwarding agents, testing institutes, finishing companies and warehouses. A cockpit displays all articles and orders that are time-critical, as well as open dialogues. The to-do list is divided into topics and tasks. It offers users an early warning system with which day-to-day business can be planned, controlled and handled efficiently. A high degree of transparency, reduced management and control effort and an accelerated supply chain are the pleasing results. In addition, mail traffic decreases significantly, sales via the various channels are optimized, transport and storage costs are reduced and the return rate is significantly reduced.

The entire delivery planning is controlled via order management functions. By defining critical paths, users directly recognize the need for action if punctual delivery is in danger. 

Responsible Quality Control System (RQCS)

Quality assurance through systematic testing processes.

The demands on the quality of a product in the fashion sector are very high. There are many stages in the production cycle in which errors can lead to the desired quality not being achieved. For this reason, monitoring at various levels is necessary, because the earlier a defect is discovered, the lower the follow-up costs.

With this in mind, INTEX has developed RQSC, a software package that makes it easy to record and manage inspection data. The collected information is stored in a quality database. Their evaluation enables preventive quality assurance and helps to avoid errors in advance. We have attached particular importance to the mobility factor - the test data can be recorded online and offline via laptop or tablet. So you don't have to leave the quality of your products to chance.

In the development of INTEX RQCS we have considered the following areas:

  • Dimensional inspection
  • Visual and functional testing
  • Assessment by traffic light
  • Images and photos can be added
  • Specifications or error documentation
  • Descriptions, add comments
  • Creation and editing of inspection plans, reports and orders
  • Inspection status


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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Increased effectiveness through transparent warehouse management.

The products of the fashion industry are diverse and not only in size, shape and colour. Seasonal collections are short-lived, NOS goods are long-lived. It's easy to lose track of what's going on. Storage space is usually limited and distribution and replenishment should take place quickly and as required. Keeping products in the right place at the right time provides companies with a decisive competitive advantage..

INTEX WMS offers the optimal integration of the warehouse management into the internal logistics and a perfect connection to the business processes of sales, purchasing, production and dispatch to our ERP system.

This is exactly what INTEX WMS can do for you:

  • Mapping of the actual warehouse organization
  • Capture of complex warehouse structures
  • Storage and retrieval according to optimised routes
  • Internal and external replenishment control
  • High stock reliability and delivery accuracy through Scan IN/OUT
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Paperless working
  • Reduction of workload
  • Minimization of the error rate

The newly gained order pays off for you:

  • Assignment of storage bins makes it easier to find the articles
  • Fast delivery of goods to the right distribution channel (Omnichannel)
  • Optimally used storage locations reduce storage costs
  • Defined MIN/MAX quantities open up scope for action
  • Controlled replenishment saves time and resources and contributes to cost reduction
  • Exact recording of all articles in a central database facilitates periodic tasks such as stocktaking


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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Informed action through comprehensive data transparency

INTEX supports CRM in all areas where customer information is required. The required data is delivered without detours. Short reaction times and increased customer satisfaction are the result. "I'll take a look at your requested information and call you back," is a thing of the past. Online live data is available, questions can be answered directly in the conversation.

INTEX CRM offers these functionalities across all channels, whether B2B, B2C or portals. In the sense of these Omnichannel processes, the data of retail customers and end consumers is recorded and evaluated.

This is what distinguishes INTEX CRM in detail:

  • Customer data (contact data, size information, virtual wardrobe, etc.)
  • Resubmission
  • Campaigns
  • Document compartment (orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.)
  • Repurchase from stock
  • Commodity exchange
  • Returns management


Return Management System (RMS B2B Shop)

Efficient returns management as a success factor and competitive advantage.

The return rate in the clothing trade is and remains high and confronts every sender with the challenge of making the unavoidable return of goods as efficient and customer-friendly as possible.

With INTEX RMS we provide a tool that helps you to process returns quickly and correctly. Returned articles are returned to the goods cycle as far as possible after they have undergone automated checking processes. Individual credit and goods exchange options are taken into account, reasons for returns are recorded, evaluated and used to avoid returns in the future.

INTEX RMS comprises the planning, execution and control of all returns and the associated information, finance and logistics processes with the aim of reducing the burden on the company.

This is what distinguishes INTEX RMS B2B Shop in detail:

  • Bundling of all returns on one platform
  • Reduced handling and shipping costs through uniform processes
  • Simple operation due to clear display including article pictures
  • High degree of automation in evaluation and process optimization
  • Minimized processing effort
  • Increased customer satisfaction


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Customer Communication Management (CCM)

Simplify purchasing processes

The INTEX CCM is an ERP extension that is aimed at a very special target group: Fashion companies that are active in the field of corporate fashion. They can relieve their customers of a lot of work by controlling their purchasing processes. In other words: personal data of the wearers of the clothing can be stored individually or by department and linked to the size of the garment, assortment and contingent - a real added value of the service.

It is unusual for an ERP application that the end user appears in the system with the fully integrated INTEX CCM. The providers of individual clothing concepts are offered undreamt-of options with the administration of buyer data, which they can offer to their customers. This extends to the definition of budgets within which individual employees order their clothing themselves in the web shop. Online ordering processes are greatly simplified in this way.

These are the exact fields of application in which the INTEX CCM offers its advantages:

  • Administration of customers incl. departments and their employees
  • Saving of individual sizes, measurements and finishing information
  • Product search for corresponding product features
  • Central ordering, invoicing and delivery taking into account free quotas
  • Delivery of booked carrier orders to defined stations
  • Display of the available residual budget
  • Custom-made productions
  • Entry of refill orders


WebOrder (WO)

Successful work thanks to mobile order entry.

Mobility is an essential competitive factor today and in the future. The demand of modern companies is to provide all those involved in the sales process with flexible and mobile tools. A module that allows goods to be dispatched from different locations or orders to be entered and triggered. Online, in real time, integrated into the ERP system.

INTEX Weborder offers you exactly these possibilities. It is very easy and intuitive to use, every user can start immediately with the application. With this mobile solution, your field staff has all the necessary information at their fingertips in a matter of seconds and is optimally equipped for customer visits. Integrated barcode scanners allow a fast and above all error-free input of numbers.

Our mobile order entry offers extensive possibilities to optimize the processes of your company and thus save costs and increase performance.

These are the highlights of INTEX Weborder in a compact form:

  • Acquisition of orders via web frontend
  • Image-supported article management
  • Search option for all recorded details
  • Information about availability and delivery times
  • Direct integration into IX FUSION
  • Online / offline mode
  • Multilingual
  • Modern development environments
  • Individually adaptable and scalable
  • Pre-order / Instant order
  • Catalog data fully integrated

B2B Shop

Your B2B Shop in a nutshell.

B2B customers want a shop that is tailored to their requirements. As an industry specialist, INTEX knows the needs and has poured them into a new innovative product, the INTEX B2B Shop. Different order types are supported as well as orders of assortments, lots or packs. Of course, there is also the option of purchasing precisely via a size matrix. And via the integrated service area, your B2B customers keep track of their shopping baskets, orders, delivery notes and invoices at all times.

INTEX B2B Shop additionally provides you with a shopping experience in the B2B area as you otherwise only know it in the B2C area. Tailored to your brand and your CI, it fits seamlessly into your design. State-of-the-art technologies based on HTML5 ensure high performance and a user interface that is at home on any end device.

INTEX B2B Shop is fully integrated into the ERP and automatically takes over pricing, customer-specific settings and product structuring such as hierarchies, groupings or cross-selling attributes. The online availability check and the on-the-fly reservation give your customers the security they need.

INTEX B2B offers you all this:

  • Full integration into ERP
  • Fully responsive and self-adapting to your end device (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Ordering via lots, assortments, packs or size matrix
  • Quick access via favorites
  • Online availability check and on-the-fly reservation
  • Live order confirmation in PDF format
  • Service area with overview of shopping baskets, orders, delivery notes and invoices
  • Can be integrated with CRM, carrier management and RMS

B2X Interface (B2X)

Mastering the flood of data in eCommerce.

In the world of eCommerce different shop systems and portals have to be supplied with the most different data from the merchandise management system. Article data, colors, pictures, prices, availability as well as customer data, payment information, announcements of returns and much more must be available as live as possible.

B2X Interface from INTEX takes care of this. The interface ensures that the current data is always used in the shop system at the time of purchase. These data originate from the ERP system and are automatically available for access when they are needed. This prevents the same information from being entered several times in different systems.

If data from the ERP system is made available for eCommerce processes, it must be ensured that the connected systems do not have direct access to the database. INTEX B2X Interface uses a so-called DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) for this purpose and thus guarantees high data security.

Let's summarize the advantages of INTEX B2X Interface:

  • The schematized B2X interface enables the connection of third-party products in the area of eCommerce without having to intervene in the ERP system.
  • The peculiarities of various shop systems are irrelevant for the data exchange
  • There are no restrictions with regard to the data, e.g. currently available stocks can be made available online and displayed in the system.
  • Since different channels can be configured, several portals (amazon, otto, zalando etc.) and shops (xtCommerce, magento etc.) can be connected in parallel and supplied with the necessary data.

The web services contain for example the following information:

  • B2X customer typing
  • B2X Order type
  • B2X Order status
  • B2X Order origin
  • B2X Payment status
  • B2X Returns status
  • …etc.

EDI Converter (EDI)

Professional data exchange between supplier and retail.

Companies that use EDI for data transfer generally improve their business workflow. That much is certain.

This is the reason why we offer you a professional EDI tool with which you can visualize, document and automatically execute business processes - standardized, fast and comprehensible.

The big advantage of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): It is an exchange from computer to computer with minimal to no human impact. Business documents can be transferred electronically between companies without having to exchange key information again and again. Data errors are therefore a thing of the past.

And that's what EDI brings you in concrete terms::

  • Use of the national standard EDIFACT
  • Significant reduction in data volume
  • Fast data exchange
  • Low transmission costs
  • Improvement of data quality
  • Minimization of input errors
  • Avoidance of data loss
  • Shipping documentation - no procedure without documentation
  • Electronic transmission of orders, delivery notes and invoices
  • Reduction of paper documents
  • Master data comparison with partner data


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Data Warehouse (DWH)

Intelligent control of meaningful data.

The amount of data that is collected and stored in companies today is immense. Often at different locations and in different formats. The big challenge is to derive the greatest possible benefit from these data sets, i.e. information must be sighted, selected, bundled, processed and analyzed in order to achieve defined goals.

INTEX DWH supports the merging of scattered information that is relevant for data analysis and business decision support within the company and is to be stored for the long term.

There are many application areas, from cost/benefit analyses and reporting within customer-relevant structures to the recognition of indicators that show undesirable developments.

You can clearly identify the advantages of using Data Warehouse::

  • Multi- and multidimensional data view
  • Merging and compressing data from heterogeneous sources into a central database
  • Creation of special data structures
  • Definition of Tables/Relations
  • Adaptation to data formats
  • OOrganization of access purposes
  • Possibility of access restrictions
  • Accelerates queries due to reduced data volume
  • Increase in productivity


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NOS Planning (NOS)

Replace estimated sales forecasts with precise target figures.

Since fashion is a reflection of the times, it helps to narrow down the demand for trend articles and seasonal goods more precisely and to identify high-volume products. Avoiding bottlenecks in procurement and the resulting delivery reliability increases the satisfaction of your customers.

A task in which INTEX Range Dispo professionally supports you. The application provides you with reliable data on invoiced quantities within a defined observation period. Based on these figures, you can quickly and reliably make your demand forecasts and already know today what you will need tomorrow in what size, colour and quantity. You don't produce any shortfalls, at the same time you reduce warehousing costs and sales risk. In short: you operate perfect process optimization.

The areas of application of the INTEX range dispo range from just-in-time procurement and automated repeaters to planning, control and monitoring of the order and delivery phases.

And our add-on can do this in detail:

  • Preparation of demand forecasts
  • Recognition of seasonal differences
  • Better planning of core requirements
  • Efficient production planning through order bundling
  • Improvement of delivery reliability - optimal supply at the POS
  • Reduce overproduction and inventory levels
  • Shorten throughput times
  • eCommerce-Management


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Customs clearance (FORMAT)

Make the most of customs simplifications.

The clothing industry is more international than almost any other. Raw material procurement, processing and sales take place in different corners of the world. Annoyingly, many national borders have to be crossed and various customs regulations have to be observed.

Our integrated customs software solution, which we operate in cooperation with our partner FORMAT, supports you in this. It optimizes your import and export processing by automating and making more transparent the processes within the respective departments. The application transfers the data from your IX FUSION into the shipment processing, prints all necessary shipping and customs documents and monitors the processes from export declarations and certificates of origin to numerous other customs forms and electronic procedures.

The secure compliance with legal regulations - taking into account all future changes in customs regulations - is also guaranteed. Prescribed proofs of consignment, internal company statistics as well as the Intrastat and Extrastat declarations to the STABUA Wiesbaden are generated automatically.

Conclusion: The fully ATLAS-certified customs add-on from INTEX supports you in the optimal use of customs simplifications. We take care of what you have to declare. So that you don't have to be limited by national borders.

And that's what our software has to offer:

  • Electronic customs clearance
    • ATLAS export/import
    • NCTS
    • EMCS
    • ECT - Electronic Customs Tariff
  • Customs Management
    • Preference determination
    • Supplier's declaration
    • Bonded warehouse
    • Finishing operations
  • Logistics Solutions
    • Packing station
    • Scanning and weighing
    • Fully automatic labelling stations
    • Forwarding connectiong
  • Export Control
    • Sanctions list check
    • Export licensing administration
    • Product Classification - Dual Use
    • Electronic tariffing

Cash Register Systems (CASH)

Far more than just money storage.

Cash register systems are an issue in themselves. One that someone knows much better than we do and above all is certified for: our partner FUTURA RETAIL SOLUTIONS AG.

You will quickly notice that this POS software is much more than just a solution for a payment process. It is directly linked to the ERP solution from INTEX and offers many very interesting options, especially for retailers and verticals or those that are both.

Futura has developed a particularly compact POS solution for INTEX, in which of course the most important functions are available, but which deliberately dispenses with too many customizing options. This keeps the training effort low, is very reliable and nevertheless scalable up to a multi-branch solution.

The standards include the management of customer cards, customer accounts and much more. But a complete variant management (product group, color, size, fit etc.) and a multi-channel architecture with full online suitability and high reliability are also possible. The cash register system focuses on fast access to all business transactions - both stationary and online - including immediate information on stock levels, customers, voucher management, control of promotions and cross-selling support.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

TTransparent data accelerate decision-making processes

Bare numbers are facts. However, they rarely provide the concrete and, above all, quick overview that is needed. The INTEX KPI module evaluates the most important KPIs, for example under the new sales cockpit, and presents them transparently. In this way, decisive information in a data sheet can be quickly and precisely summarized within the framework of a "small request". Statistical queries of the last customer order, invoicing documents or returns provide an immediate overview of the actuality and/or activity of the customer. The number of individual requests can be individually configured. Key figures such as pre-order rate, immediate order rate, invoicing rate and returns rate can also be displayed in line or bar charts via a graphical dashboard.

You benefit from these advantages with INTEX KPI:

  • Simple statistics are immediately implemented in the use case
  • Complex reports are integrated as view objects specifically in the use case
  • Global overview of all customer activities
  • Direct jump to each individual document of all processes with the customer

Reporting (BI)

Being able to really evaluate everything is enormously valuable.

The amount of data available to companies today to review their strategy and success is unbelievable. And it will certainly continue to grow. The challenge cannot be mastered without professional software that bundles this business intelligence data and sorts and evaluates it for all conceivable parameters.

With Web Intelligence, INTEX BI offers you primus inter pares in this area. The application includes solutions for data integration, reporting, queries and analyses, financial planning, consolidation and budgeting, enterprise information management, visualization and performance management and offers users a company-wide information platform..

The software suite includes various tools. For example, Crystal Reports can be used to write reports; Xcelsius allows users to create interactive dashboards that include charts and graphs for data visualization; Web Intelligence provides a self-service environment to perform ad hoc queries and analyses on and offline; Explorer allows users to browse BI data sources with an interface similar to iTunes - results are summarized in a chart that shows matches.

BO makes life much easier for its users. In the past, they had to know the data structure in order to create special evaluations, design with BO and define their lists themselves without much effort - INTEX provides many basic reports on which to build.

We are absolute experts for Business Objects and take over the complete support of our customers regarding the application, also the trainings are led by our coaches. As part of the partner concept, INTEX offers a special BO package, which is otherwise not available and which is a very inexpensive solution - a truly cunning add-on.


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Financial Accounting (FIBU)

Keeping finances under control

Financial accounting is of elementary importance for every company that wants to work profitably. At the same time, it is a highly specialized area in which far-reaching legal requirements have to be fulfilled. Reason enough for INTEX to rely at this point on the great know-how of a long-standing partner.

Together with CSS - our cooperation has now lasted for two decades - we offer you a FiBu application with which you can carry out all tasks in this field in a highly professional manner. Asset accounting and cost accounting are also included.

The software supports you in a practice-oriented way in the daily handling of commercial business processes. Its ease of use and high efficiency facilitate the rapid completion of routine tasks. In addition to the preparation of balance sheets and income statements, comprehensive evaluations as well as key figures and liquidity analyses ensure optimum transparency. This means a high level of security for business decisions. Advance sales tax returns can also be sent electronically to the tax office directly from the financial accounting department.

Our FiBu application is a highly integrated solution, all processes are implemented in IX FUSION, a software from a single source. Your controller will be pleased if he can also track goods movements online in Finance.

The fields of application of our FiBu-Tool summarized again compactly:

  • Foreign currency and foreign payment transactions
  • Credit insurance
  • Recurring entries
  • Loans and interest
  • Requirements/Prepayments
  • Central regulator/payment advice note
  • Incoming payments per Edifact
  • Change
  • Cash book
  • Datev Sum transfer
  • MT940 (Electronic Banking)
  • Invoice receipt book

Label printing (NICE LABEL)

Produce labels yourself

Labels belong to the fashion industry just like steering wheels belong to the automotive industry. You can't get far without them..

Together with our partner NiceLabel, we offer you an additional module that enables you to design and produce your labels yourself quickly, easily and in the best quality.

Thanks to a graphical label editor, the design of the labels is entirely up to you. Once the most important parameters have been defined and saved as a template file, the printers are controlled directly from your IX FUSION. You determine the number, type and content of the labels, the input of variable data on the labels is very convenient. The tool offers a familiar user interface. Previous knowledge in barcoding and design or advanced computer skills are not required, it can start immediately - label fraud excluded.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

Increased efficiency through accelerated and error-free logistics processes

Whether it's the avoidance of out-of-stock situations, the precise control of incoming or outgoing goods, the avoidance of complex article surveillance systems or the use in quality assurance: RFID will support you in this.

Standardization in this area is now well advanced. Wherever data is recorded manually, RFID can accelerate processes. Whereas previously barcodes had to be scanned individually, in the future articles with RFID transponders will themselves become data suppliers. RFID technology can accompany processes from purchasing through production to the POS, saving time and money in the process.

In a number of projects, we have developed solutions that go beyond the classic use of RFID. Especially the future challenges caused by Omnichannel will be easier to manage with the help of RFID. All data collected via RFID and ERP-relevant flows directly into your merchandise management system via a standard interface..

The concrete benefits of our module for you:

  • Fast capture through automation
  • Reduction of the error rate
  • Improved inventory and order management
  • Optimize delivery quality
  • Reduction of the return rate
  • Facilitate inspection planning and inventory
  • Possibility of supplier evaluation
  • Analysis of the buying behaviour of customers
  • Intelligent identification of the flow of goodss


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Archiving (EASY ARCHIV)

Digital, audit-proof archiving is the order of the day.

The times in which companies had to sacrifice huge rooms for the storage of important documents are finally over. Today, digital archiving is possible. And it is legally compliant and audit-proof - if you have the right software..

The EASY archiving add-on from INTEX, which we developed together with our partner CFT - a proven specialist in this field - makes paper documents superfluous. All content is stored unalterable and forgery-proof - this is confirmed and certified by an expert - and can be retrieved by a simple search. This is how transparent business processes work!

We have integrated EASY in such a way that the application is able to prepare data from your ERP system IX FUSION and make it available in accordance with the tax code. Electronic archiving forms the basis of document management, but can be flexibly extended. Solutions such as workflows, e-mail management and incoming invoice processing can be easily integrated.

Searching was yesterday - finding is today!

You benefit from these advantages with EASY::

  • Fast and decentralized access to information
  • Enormous space saving
  • Acceleration of work processes
  • Uniform information platform
  • Compliance with legal requirements and retention periods
  • Format-independent
  • Flexibly expandable

Historicization (HISTORY)

Trace every data change in a matter of seconds.

Who did what with the data and when? Everyone knows this question. There is usually no answer to this question - it is simply no longer comprehensible.

Unless you work with INTEX historization. Then you know it at the push of a button. And without deeper database knowledge. The additional module shows you how a data record has changed and by whom. Fast, version-supported and provided with time and validity period, if applicable. This traceability of data changes is not only helpful to necessary within your company, but is also often required by law - keyword: revision security..

The benefits of INTEX historization in detail:

  • Data backup
  • Historization of all required master data for error correction
  • Reconstruction of which value was valid at which point in time
  • Revision security, adherence to retention periods
  • Keeping track of the development over time
  • Simplified support and troubleshooting
  • Creating a change log
  • Fast replication of already created evaluations


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INTEX helps its customers to achieve higher revenues, reduce costs, accelerate processes and deliver the right products.


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