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IX Fusion Lite

Slim but full of Energy.

There are companies that do not need a comprehensive ERP system due to their size and structure, but rather run much better with a lean solution that is reduced to the essentials. And this is exactly what we have developed IX FUSION LITE for - a fully-fledged business software that contains all the important standards but does without distinctive customizing.

IX FUSION LITE can be implemented quickly and easily, time-to-market - to put it in industry jargon - is very short. And the costs are considerably lower. But of course, all the desired applications that we offer under IX FUSION PLUS can be integrated into the system here as well. A light version with which no customer has to starve.


Rainer Müller, CEO, Blue Monkey Jeans


IX FUSION LITE – the Details

With almost no interfaces to external systems, supporting networking of any kind and based on best-practice models, IX FUSION LITE is the right choice for many of the ambitious SMEs in the fashion world.

Compared to IX FUSION PRO ethe application has a reduced range of functions, but also features sophisticated business logic and clever cockpits and is very convenient to use. Like its big brother, IX FUSION LITE is also an advocate of management by exception – only what is really critical or overdue comes into your focus. The time saved as a result can be used much more sensibly elsewhere. In contrast to the PRO version, IX FUSION LITE relies exclusively on standard processes, which are not customized, but nevertheless completely map the workflow.

From procurement to shop floor space, the lean ERP software supports you in being efficient and successful. In particular, if you additionally decide for the suitable add-ons of IX FUSION PLUS - PLM or B2B-Webshop would be two, which we expressly recommend.

It is definitely fun to work with IX FUSION LITE. You won't have encountered many of its features in your job yet, but you will remind them of its private application. For good reason, because we want you to feel comfortable at work. And getting everything out of the software that it has to offer - that's quite a lot.


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IX FUSION LITE – the Advantages

  • Compact System Structure
  • Fast Implementation
  • Rapid ROI
  • Increased Availability of Goods
  • Accelerated Processes
  • Reduced Value-added Costs
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction  
  • Motivated Employees
  • Global Access to Data


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IX FUSION LITE – the Functions

Global accessibility via browser and internet

Multi-Tier Architectur
Business logic strictly separated from the presentation layer (GUI)

Use Case
Uniform business logic enables process-oriented view of data

Intelligent Traffic Light System
Provides information and signal for order release etc.

Management by Exceptions
Only critical or overdue processes are displayed

For the procurement of raw materials, full business or passive contract processing

Integrated CRM system networks sales channels

Evaluable data within the framework of defined KPIs
Processes and structures are constantly optimized

Best Practice Models
Support the entire process chain from sourcing to POS

Central database optimized for analysis purposes


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