Delogue PLM announces partnership with German INTEX

The German Fashion ERP and Danish PLM Software company have aligned forces to share and combine their expertise by bringing two state-of-the-art solutions to the table.

The goal of this partnership is to give an added value to fashion brands looking for the best-of-breed solutions in the PLM and ERP market – solutions that are at the pulse of innovation. Mutual clients will benefit from a standard integration interface that seamlessly transfers data from Delogue PLM into INTEX Fusion.

INTEX is a web-based platform combining ERP with Supply Chain Management (SCM). Backed with years of experience in the fashion industry, INTEX is an innovative solution trusted by an impressive portfolio of success stories. Find more information about INTEX.

Delogue PLM is a fashion software designed to help brands during their product development process. Access every step from idea to market, collaborate with your suppliers, and achieve your goals in less time with its unique, easy-to-navigate platform. Delogue is used by 200+ brands with 9000+ users, in 70+ countries.

Thomas Lund, CEO of Delogue PLM:

"This exciting business partnership is established to complement each other's offerings building on a shared affordable license-model for our clients. With its deep pool of talent and years of experience in the industry, I am pleased about having the opportunity to work with INTEX, and take Delogue into the next stage of our strategic development.”

Stefan Ruschel, Managing Director of INTEX:

“The partnership with Delogue PLM is a great match from day one in how our two businesses are thinking, approaching clients and business development. With this integration, we can offer an added value to our clients with Delogue – the expert PLM solution.”

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